About Us

Inspired by travel, nature and art, I opened Things I Like because I wanted to share the unique and uncommon goods I have found along life’s journey.

With that in mind, Things I Like offers a potpourri of elegant, distinctive, eco-friendly and beautifully simple, refined objects from around the world and at all different price points. From luxury items to everyday elements, I wanted to make artful things and earth-friendly things accessible to all.

To that end, and after 17 years in retail, I also wanted to play my part in keeping small business and retail alive and thriving. And no better place than Venice, Florida. We are experiencing development at a rapid pace and Thing I like ensures that we answer the need for quality stores that support the growth while encouraging socializing and shopping. We live in a beautiful community and we want to offer naturally beautiful things. I trust that Things I like will become the things you treasure.

Sabine Hack